Opinion – Josimar Melo: Pandemic without revelry

Opinion – Josimar Melo: Pandemic without revelry

Carnival revelry doesn’t particularly attract me. Considering that this year the party is being postponed or dehydrated, I am not especially a victim of this circumstance, although I regret it, for the harmful impact on tourism, business and the joy of revelers.

I’m not a carnival artist, but I’ve fallen for the seduction of the party, few (but unforgettable) times.

A couple of times at teen dances, at morning club sessions.

Once or twice in the maddened youth, given over to the insanity of the Trio Elétrico in Bahia – which I don’t know if it is more civilized today, but at the time, it happened based on wild elbows only dampened by alcohol and the rewarding passions of the minute, in the rare moments when bodies brushed against each other without producing bruises.

It was quite different many years later, when, stilted in a fancy box, with food, drink, cigars and even a bathroom, I was at the height (in meters) of the artists who passed on top of the electric trio.

Once in the school parade in São Paulo, where when trying to enter the sambadrome without a ticket, I saw stars with the jerk of the policeman who put me back in my place.

And twice in the parade of schools in Rio: the first, mixed with the audience in the stands, completely hypnotized by the intensity and rhythm of the drums; and another in a chic, tacky box, where he saw celebrities (absolutely expendable), but almost none of the parade.

Besides, carnival for me is closer to what, in this year of pandemic that doesn’t end, is perhaps the best thing to do.

A long holiday encourages meetings with family and friends, but at the present time, wouldn’t it be better to stay with few and close people? And more than ever, looking for the tranquility of hotels that allow you to be in public places, but with privacy, without agglomerations.

Those who were lucky enough not to lose gains during the pandemic, probably also compulsorily saved with the containment of travel and restaurants during the quarantine.

Maybe it’s worth investing the savings in hotels that offer private chalets, served by hotel facilities? Without even having to face the plane and airport, choosing places close to home (in my case, São Paulo)?

Like the last two I visited with these characteristics.

Vila Rossa (www.villarossa.com.br) is very close to the capital, in São Roque, in a 350,000 square meter patch of Atlantic Forest — nature, fresh air, and even wine produced nearby. The hotel has many open areas, lakes, zip lines, where it is possible to stroll with distance; and chalets (called lofts) surrounded by gardens and with a private pool.

I was also at Six Senses Botanique (sixsenses.com/pt/resorts/botanique), located in the middle of nature in the Mantiqueira mountains, with architecture and gastronomy integrated into the surroundings, near Campos do Jordão.

There are also chalets (the villas) outside the main building, with beautiful decoration, a view revealed by glass panels, heat from the fireplaces and even reading books that are not merely decorative —chosen by the editor Cassiano Elek Machado, they are literature and first class art.

A little further away, I have been in a similar chill in Visconde de Mauá, where there is no lack of hotels with this profile, in the middle of São Paulo and Rio, and also (close to the cariocas) in the mountainous region of Petrópolis, where a place like hotel Casa Marambaia (casamarambaia.com.br), which is located in an old farmhouse, created a condominium around it with detached holiday homes.

Anyway, the revelry of carnival (no longer) attracts me. But there are alternatives. Lucky for me, especially in times of a pandemic.

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