Yesterday, the Volos Prosecutor’s Office issued an order to carry out an audit by all relevant agencies regarding the occupation of beaches in the Northern Sporades by business facilities – whether it is the installation of seats or more permanent constructions – after strong protests regarding the issue of free access to the coasts.

The aim of this action is to identify potential offenders who have expanded their premises outside the leased boundaries, trespassing on public space and obstructing access to citizens who visit the beach and do not want their services as a “one way” for some space on the shore.

The control process will be undertaken by the local police departments of its islands Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, while it is expected to be investigated whether the legal permits for the use of the beach are respected by the companies operating on the coastline.

The case of entrepreneurs who continue to operate their facilities despite the already imposed sanctions for past violations will also be examined.