From today, Thursday, August 31 and until Friday, September 8 will take place the electronic registration of the successful candidates of the Panhellenic 2023 in the departments of the universities that have passed.

Online registration is mandatory through the “Electronic Registration 2023” Information System of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports at the online address

Successful candidates of the Panhellenic Examinations

Especially for those successful in the Panhellenic Examinations, there will be support from the school units for issues of access to the Electronic Registration application. In any case, for the convenience of all successful applicants, a detailed user manual with instructions for each step of the application will be provided in the online application.

In the event that the successful candidates were enrolled from the previous year in a study program of the first cycle of a Department or School of A.E.I. or A.E.A. of the country, they are obliged through the same Information System, to declare the School or Department, in which they are already registered, thus requesting their deletion from it, in order to complete the registration in the new School or Department of their success. The successful candidates who were enrolled from the previous year in a study program of the first cycle of a Department or School of A.E.I. or A.E.A. of the country, but have already proceeded to delete them, contacting directly the Secretariat of the old Department/School in the previous period (before the start of the online process), they are also obliged to declare at the same point of the online application the Department or School of the previous registration .

The registration application of the successful candidates through the Information System of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports has the character of a Responsible Declaration. Successful candidates after entering the application will be asked to fill out their personal Social Security Number (SIN), which will be confirmed through interoperability with the AMKA National Registry. Among the rest of the information that the user is required to fill in his electronic registration application, is the TIN or Passport number, which usually appears pre-filled with the corresponding value, which the same user filled in on his Computerized Card, but maintaining the possibility of modification.

During the Online Registration process, the successful candidates must declare their contact details, mobile phone number and email address, which are confirmed through relevant mechanisms of the electronic application. It is pointed out that the correctness of the contact details is particularly important, as the Secretariats of the Schools/Departments will be able to use them in further procedures.

It is noted that it is provided the possibility of canceling a registration request which has been registered and received a protocol number. Thus, in the event that someone finds incorrect information in his application after its final submission, he has the possibility through the Information System to proceed with the cancellation of the incorrect application and the submission of a new one. For the cancellation process, the user needs to fill in the 8-digit candidate code and the protocol number of the application to be canceled.

For the Military Schools, the Police Schools, the Fire Academy Schools, the Merchant Marine Academies, the Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard Schools and the Higher Tourism Education Schools, the deadline and the registration process for successful applicants is determined and carried out by the competent authorities Ministries.

See detailed instructions here