From Monday, September 4, 2023, at 12:00 noon, the redistribution of unused program tickets begins social-medical tourism, excursions and theater, as announced by the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family and the Welfare Benefits and Social Solidarity Organization (OPEKA).

Beneficiaries for the redistribution of unused tickets for social, thermal tourism-excursions and theater programs are:

– All those who were drawn and did not receive their tickets, until 8/30/2023.

– All those who applied to participate in the above programs and were not drawn.

The redistribution will be done in order of priority of attendance at the KEPs.

What beneficiaries should pay attention to

For the programs of social-thermal tourism and excursion tourism, the order of preference and the first choice in the application for participation play an important role.

– Thus, if a beneficiary had the social tourism program as his first choice, but was drawn in the excursion tourism program and has not printed his card, until 8/30/2023, he is allowed to participate in the social program in order of priority tourism.

– If a beneficiary had the spa tourism program as their first choice and was not drawn in any tourism program or was drawn in the spa or social or excursion tourism program and has not printed their ticket until 8/30/2023, they participate with priority order only in the spa tourism program.

However, in the event of exhaustion of the spa tourism tickets, he will also be able to participate in social tourism, even if and as long as he had chosen it in his participation application.

– On the contrary, if someone declared the excursion program as their first preference in the participation application and was drawn in it, regardless of whether or not they have printed their ticket, they cannot participate in order of priority in any other program, apart from that excursion program.

In order for the beneficiaries to receive the unused social-thermal tourism vouchers, they should take the following actions:

A. Reservation of a room in a tourist accommodation from the list of contracted tourist accommodation posted on the OPEKA website, from which confirmation of the reservation (e.g. voucher) is requested.

B. From 04/09/2023, after 12:00, registration of information related to the reservation of the room (name of accommodation and period of stay) in the relevant electronic application,, which is available on the OPEKA website from the beneficiaries themselves or through KEP.

C. Beneficiaries should, after registering the room reservation in the OPEKA online application, come to the KEP on the same day (half an hour after registration), to collect their tickets. Otherwise, beneficiaries will lose their tickets, which will be available again.

Beneficiaries receive vouchers, in which the details of the tourist accommodation, in which the reservation was made, are written.

Vouchers are only valid for the accommodations whose details are pre-printed.

Bulletins that do not have the details of the business pre-printed, when printed by the KEP, are considered invalid.

The vouchers are strictly personal and may not be used by other persons, even if they are members of the beneficiary’s family.