Large mobilization of police and fire brigade in western Fthiotida and specifically in Paleokastro of the Municipality of Makrakomi, to locate a 54-year-old man who fell into a deep ravine and was unable to communicate for help.

According to lamiareport, the 54-year-old’s adventure began at 10:00 on Sunday morning when he went with his 83-year-old father to see some estates in the mountainous area. In an instant, the 54-year-old fell down a steep slope, leaving several meters from the rural road from where he was unable to call for help.

His elderly father managed to reach the main road at around 2 in the afternoon where he alerted some people who in turn alerted the police.

Finally, a police officer from the AT Sperchiadas, managed to reach the 54-year-old shortly before 3:30 in the afternoon and offer him water and first aid, after first informing him to call “112” from his mobile phone in order to locate the exact spot of the place where he was.

Forces of the Makrakomi Fire Service also undertook the task of retrieving the 54-year-old, who is not injured, however, due to his inaccessible part, he needs help to reach the road.