A luxury car with Romanian license plates spotted being driven by a 37-year-old foreigner in the Gerakini area has led to the dismantling of a criminal group whose alleged members were stealing large displacement cars from tourists on their summer holidays in Halkidiki.

The case file filed by the Poligyros Security Department attributes it to the criminal group 19 thefts of luxury cars, during the last quarter, with their total value approaching 1.2 million euros, according to the victims. Seven of them were located and returned to their rightful owners, while the rest are estimated to have ended up abroad.

Six men are accused as members of the ring, all citizens of North Macedonia, of which three were arrested (aged 22, 24 and 37).

The details of two people, 31 years old, were also identified, among whom is the alleged “brain“, while the details of the sixth have not been made known, but it is a compatriot of theirs.

Regarding their methodology, as announced by EL.AS., the perpetrators – depending on the role that each one had – they tracked down foreign holidaymakers’ vehicles and then broke into their accommodation, where they grabbed car keys and other valuables (money, watches, electronic devices – total value 60,000 euros). Those who had the role of drivers undertook to pass the stolen vehicles outside of Greek territory, bound for North Macedonia, and for this purpose they used secret passages.

Those arrested, with the case file filed against them, were taken to the First District Prosecutor of Polygyros.