By Ioanna Mandrou

With serious charges for the heinous crime in port of Piraeuswhich has frozen panhellenic, come to investigator today Saturday to apologize to the four, three crew members and the captain, who are being prosecuted because they threw the 36-year-old Antonis Kargiotis into the sea, where he tragically died.
The unprecedented crime that has shocked public opinion and has created profound concerns about the phenomena of social appropriation, is being investigated by the investigative authorities of Piraeus after the prosecution of serious criminal charges by the Prosecutor’s Office.
There are a total of four arrested and accused for the heinous murder, the captain of the ship who is systematically shown on video pushing, until he succeeded, outside the ship by throwing the unfortunate 36-year-old into the sea, another member of the crew who participated in the unprecedented crime, the deckhand and the captain.
The chief faces a charge of manslaughter, while the other two crew members face a charge of aiding and abetting manslaughter. Legal sources estimate that the prosecution against the governor could have been for intentional homicide and not only for possible fraud.
However, the prosecution for manslaughter with possible intent carries, like the one for intent, a life sentence.
The captain of the ship, who not only did not stop, but continued to sail the boat as if nothing had happened, is also being prosecuted for a felony under new ordinances passed after the Tempe tragedy.
In particular, he is being prosecuted for dangerously obstructing maritime traffic, while the prosecutors have ordered and are investigating any responsibilities for members of the Coast Guard for whether anyone was present at the time of the tragic incident and whether they took the necessary measures when the unfortunate 36-year-old fell into the water , where he met a tragic death.
The apologies of all four are expected to last for hours, while after their completion the investigator and prosecutor will judge their criminal treatment, whether they will be remanded in custody or not with all the assessments of legal and judicial sources, to state that due to the seriousness of the charges they face and their heinous criminal activity, their temporary detention appears as the most likely scenario.