Start of the school term today with the exception of the Thessaly region, in which schools are expected to open next Monday.

This morning, the customary consecration takes place, then the students will be informed about matters concerning the program and the operation of the school, they will receive their books and they will leave.

Classes will start as usual tomorrow Tuesday,

The Ministry of Education has proceeded with the recruitment of 23,211 substitutes in Primary and Secondary Education, filling a large part of the gaps in schools. More specifically, in General Education, 8,746 teachers were hired in Primary, and 4,898 teachers in Secondary. In addition, 192 teachers of PE79.01 and TE16 branches were hired in Music Schools for the teaching of music specializations, while 39 substitutes of Secondary Education branches/specialties were made available for recruitment in the Sivitanidio Public School of Arts and Vocations, by decision of the relevant Board of Directors.

In Special Education, 7,360 teachers were hired in Primary and 1,976 teachers in Secondary Education.

The education federations, however, estimate that the needs to cover educational gaps could reach 48,000, and for this reason they are calling for more substitutes to be recruited in the first phase.

Regarding the planning of the school year, its start and end dates, as well as the program of the 2024 National Examinations, are expected to be made public by September 15.

One week later, the opening of the schools of Thessaly

After consultation between the Minister of Education, Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Governor of Thessaly, Kostas Agorastos, classes in the schools of the Thessaly Region will start with a delay of one week. The decision was taken keeping in mind the unfavorable conditions prevailing in the area due to the bad weather Daniel.