The anti-flood protection projects in Thessaly were designed based on the bad weather Janos which was unprecedented for the data up to that time, noted the Minister of State Makis Voridis speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI.

The bad weather, Daniel, surpassed Janos in extremes, with the result that the infrastructures could not withstand, the Minister of State argued, adding that 60 flood prevention projects worth 140 million euros are underway in the region, some of which have been delivered.

According to Mr. Voridis, the priority is the immediate settlement of the affected, the compensation of the farmers and then the restoration of the infrastructure.

The minister questioned about the new anti-flood infrastructures to be designed must be done following scientific conclusions. “We will do anti-flooding projects for a phenomenon that occurs once in 1,000 or every 20 years,” he said tentatively, adding that this is what scientists will be asked to answer.

Regarding the incident concerning photos of flooded helicopters leakedthe Minister of State, repeated the GEN’s announcement that these were “helicopters that were not capable of flying, while the appropriate ones had been transferred in time to another point”.

However, regarding the leaking of photos, Mr. Voridis said that it is an event “that goes beyond him”.