Understanding and determination to receive immediate and effective shielding projects and interventions of Athens, was established in the meeting held today by Attica regional governor candidate Nikos Hardalias by mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyanniswith the subject of the discussion being the critical issues of civil protection and especially fortification of Athens against the extreme risks created by the global climate crisis.

As the relevant announcement states, the main points of the joint agreement between the two men who have worked closely together in the past, in the Region of Central Greece and are also connected by personal friendship, are: deepening of cooperation between the first and second levels of Local Government, a common front for the prevention and management of extreme weather phenomena, but also acceleration of institutional changes, so that the Local Government can prepare and respond to the challenges of the new era.

In his statement, the candidate for the regional governor of Attica and head of the “Attiki Brosta” coalition, Nikos Hardalias, after expressing his sorrow for what our country has tragically experienced in the last 24 hours, emphasized that it is imperative for all of us to “combine forces and efforts in order to prevent , to anticipate and deal with the consequences of extreme weather phenomena in the most immediate and effective way”. With the finding that “a lot has happened in our country in recent years, but the crisis is running faster”, N. Hardalias underlined the need to accelerate our pace even more” and announced: “Our main priority is the armoring of Attica against the consequences of the climate crisis. With the operation of a fully equipped and adequately staffed Regional Civil Protection Center. The development and implementation of an integrated Civil Protection system. The supply of modern equipment and means for the Region and the Municipalities. With fire and flood protection actions and projects. And above all with the close cooperation both with the competent government agencies and with the municipalities, but also with the full implementation of Law 4662/2020”.

“With Kostas Bakoyannis, we have a common understanding of what needs to be done and we are determined to move immediately, quickly, decisively,” said candidate regional governor N. Hardalias.

For his part, the mayor of Athens and head of the “Athens High” coalition, Kostas Bakoyannis, said:

“Our meeting takes place in the shadow of yet another great disaster. We are at zero hour. Athens has made significant strides in recent years, but the road to “fortification” of the city is long. More imperative than ever, it is necessary to cooperate from the bottom up, to act immediately and decisively. With a plan and targeting. With an emphasis on critical infrastructure and essential projects.”

K. Bakoyannis declared “optimistic because we are meeting again with Nikos Hardalia in the field of the tangible result. With our minds and hearts, we stand next to all those affected and the families of the victims.”