So far, since the beginning of the phenomenon, the Operations Center of the Fire Department has received 10,874 calls for pumping water and cutting trees, while there have been 4,564 rescues and transports of people,” the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios, told SKAI.

Mr. Artophios said that at the moment the most difficult places in Karditsa to do business are the areas of Metamorfosi, Vlohos and Farkadona. All other parts have been checked.

In Palamas, only water is pumped out.

He also emphasized that in Kalogriana, Pineiada, Sofades, Pedino and Megala Kalivia, all the houses have been inspected.

Mr. Artophios also mentioned that the tally of 15 dead and two missing remains and that there is so far no official announcement about a 16th dead person being trafficked.

The evidence is being investigated and will be presented in an official manner, he stressed

In Larissa, Mr. Artopioos said that the biggest problem is found in the bridge that leads from Tyrnavos to Larissa. He added that in the area of ​​the Workers’ houses, an area of ​​approximately 2000 inhabitants, there are no trapped people. Most remain in their homes voluntarily and people who need medical care are being transported.

He pointed out that every day 6,000 portions of food and water are distributed to areas that need them.