The words of a close friend of the 38-year-old policeman’s family are shocking who violently cut the thread of his ex-wife’s life and then committed suicide.

As the witness explains, the 38-year-old took his father’s carbine yesterday with the excuse that he was going to clean it. Early in the morning, however, the parents noticed that he was absent from the house.

“I knew both the family and the couple. There was a problem. His wife kicked him out of the house. She suddenly told him that she doesn’t want him. They got a consensual divorce. They had no intense conflicts. He would take the children and talk to them. We were telling him that he should fix his life and not deviate. She insisted that she didn’t want him. They had two boys and there was a court order about when the father would see the children.” describes the close friend of the family.

“The carbine was his father’s. He didn’t even have a revolver. He was not taken lightly in the morning when he left his father’s house. He left at dawn. He took the carbine yesterday claiming that he would clean it. He was telling his father that he was going to kill her. He loved her madly” he noted concluding himself.