As a means of salvation, the inhabitants of the isolated villages of Pelion see the deployment of the Belay bridge army in the Kala Nera, an unsurpassed tool in World War II and natural disasters.

The particular Bailey bridge was installed within thirty hours by a team of the Research and Construction Unit of the General Staff of the National Defense (GEETHA), at the point where the previous bridge collapsed, while the armed forces appear ready to install others, if and where necessary.

The Bailey Military Bridge at Kala Nera

Bailey bridges continue to be an immediate and reliable solution in cases of natural disasters, as, apart from the case of the new bridge at Kala Nera, they have been used several times after severe floods and in areas with immediate and urgent traffic restoration needs.

What are belay bridges and how are they set up

Bellevue Bridge

Bailey bridges bear the name of their creator, the British engineer Donald Bailey (Donald Bailey who managed to create a bridge that was erected quickly, had high strength for tanks to cross and became very popular with the British and American armies.

The whole construction looks like a big LEGO-style puzzle as the pieces are ready and set up.

Bellevue Bridge

Initially, a cantilever is constructed on one side of a river, i.e. the part that precedes the bridge. Once this is done, in such a way that the structure does not sink into the opening, it is pushed to the opposite side and when it reaches there, the cantilever is dismantled and the bridge is ready.

As regards the timeless presence of Bayley bridges in Greece, the first ones began to be erected in the late 40s in the regions of Epirus and Western Macedoniawhere due to the morphology of the land and the existence of large rivers, the needs were greater.

Bridges also played a role in war operations, as after the Germans blew up the rail and road bridge on the Isthmus of Corinth in 1944, the road bridge was rebuilt in 1947 by the Hellenic Army School of Engineering with Belay-type material.

Bellevue Bridge

Today, it is estimated that there are about one hundred Belly bridges across the country, while the material from which these bridges are now made has been modernized.

Heavy steel is now being replaced by new, lighter forms of aluminum material, with easier connections and machine support that speed and ease installation.