THE Carla Lake it dried up in 1962. After the natural disaster, the lake was not only re-created, but its level is constantly rising, threatening to flood nearby villages in the coming days.

Shortly before 8 pm a warning message was sent by 112 to the residents of six villages. A more specific message was sent to Kanalia Magnesia, Rizomylo, Stefanovikio, Sotirio, Niki and Achillio.

“At the moment we are being hit by the T2 that passes under Kalamaki and goes up.. In the village it is currently around 200m … it may have reached the embankment as well.. Two hours ago it was at 280m… Because of Daniel, they were filled because they did not manage properly and the political protection of the district during the first two days when we were flooded was completely non-existent”, says a resident.

The lake is located approximately 300 meters away from the first houses of Sotirios, and according to the mayor Kileler, the settlements of Niki, Modestos Kastri and Amygdali of Larissa, the towns of Stefanovikio and Rizomylos of the Municipality of Riga Feraios, as well as the Magnesia Canals are in danger.

Due to the rushing waters that leave the Pinios and are channeled to the site it took only 2.5 days for it to return to its size, as it was before the 1962 drought.

“Never in history did Carla get here 20 meters outside the village, even before the drying up ever happened like this. – works were carried out, supposedly drainage works, they built the containment of the lake over there, they allegedly installed pumps that were able to draw I don’t know how many cubic meters of water, these things don’t work, they saw that the water arrived and drowned us and they didn’t work there besides, they didn’t put them to work,” reports another resident.

“They were slow to open the tunnel in the old Karla and they didn’t put the pumping stations in front in time and they kept pouring the water here,” says another resident.

“In cases of heavy rainfall, it reached up to the threads… After the drying up of the lake, all this area was given to the landless and cultivated, it was distributed to the landless of the surrounding areas.. When the idea that it should be reconstituted began, initially they said that it would to be restored to its original extent, i.e. to 70,000 acres, always covered by water”, they state characteristically in SKAI

Information indicates that if the water level rises another 60 cm, the lake will overflow and many villages and settlements will be flooded.

SKAI in the villages that remain flooded

In its flooded areas Thessaly now the residents are looking for a way to rebuild their lives from scratch and all this while the waters and mud continue to drown everything. The eerie picture is in Giannouli of Larissa where access is only by boat. In the meantime, the two bodies pending identification are believed to belong to the missing Austrian couple.

According to the estimates of the authorities, the body they found belongs to the man who has been missing since the first days of the month. A few days before, his wife had also been found dead. The total number of victims is 16.

The first images of the disaster from the Giannouli of Larissa after he sank into the water, SKAI and journalist Panos Garoufalias recorded. Access is by boat only. Even now, some 24 hours later, the water level seems to be covering the cars. Ground and basement floors flooded.

First day that it is possible to access a central point in the labor houses of Larissa where the residents move by boat..

To Palama residents try to find the courage to rebuild their lives from scratch, but in vain. They bring to mind what they have experienced and despair.

SKAI is home to Palama which has been torn down internally. It is characteristic that the side wall has fallen and so has the roof. At the time this happened, its tenants were fortunately away.

The residents from Keramidi Trikala they still cannot reach their homes. They look at them from a distance and their souls are seized by seeing them sink in the muddy water. The water had reached the roofs. What the residents are asking for is to create an embankment so that the stagnant water can leave.

In the Paleopyrgo of Larissa the bridge was cut in two by the rushing waters. It has collapsed and fallen into the river. It is the bridge that connects Paleopyrgos with Alexandrini and Strindzos.

In Falani of Larisa rage overflows. Nine days have passed since the bad weather but in Falani they are still fighting with the mud.

Lots of fish in the muddy waters, at Farkadona Trikala, are dead. As of today, residents are counting their wounds. The waters receded and they have already started to remove the useless items from the houses.

To Bullet residents also struggle with mudslides.

In the video, army men can be seen unloading feed from the Chinook. There was no other solution. The road network is damaged. Transport could only be done by air.. since almost all livestock units are located in remote villages.