It is being studied and will be announced soon when will the intervention of the Armed Forces take place in emergenciesby the Prime Minister himself at TIF, as reported by the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vassilis Kikilias speaking on the show “Mismatches” in SKAI.

In reference to a relevant newspaper article “Daily” which brings the military to the forefront of interventions when emergencies arise, the minister said that this is not the case and that the relevant announcements will be made soon.

“The Prime Minister at the TIF will make a series of announcements that will concern the entire framework of Civil Protection”he underlined.

Mr. Kikilias noted that the intervention of the Armed Forces is “precious arm” in emergencies while regarding the responsibilities he said that “political responsibility always has someone who has to coordinate”.

He then noted that conditions dictate “total redesign of Civil Protection and the way we deal with crises”.

He noted however that gaps exist and a total redesign of civil protection is requiredclarifying that the role of the ministry is to coordinate the actions and has no jurisdiction regarding the control of the flood control projects of the Local Self-Government.

“The role of Civil Protection is to coordinate” mark and complete “we fully announced in cooperation with the Armed Forces everything we did.”

Asked about the collapse of the dykes at Krausidonas and who is responsible, the minister said that this will be ascertained by the prosecutor’s investigation.

The Minister of Civil Protection he answered about the “spikes” he hinted at his predecessor and current Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Chr. Stylianides. “He had to handle a huge and ambitious program that exceeds 2 billion euros.”