EL.AS proceeded today in locating a plantation with 1030 cannabis seedlings in Chania.

The police operation began early in the morning in the mountainous area of ​​Sfakia and ended late in the afternoon with the arrest of two citizens who are alleged to be cultivators.

The plantation was located in an inaccessible rural area of ​​the Municipality of Sfakia and in two specially designed areas where the 1030 cannabis seedlings were found. in the growth stage up to 2 meters high.

The police officers also found in a metal device a quantity of cannabis with a total weight of 183 grams.

As announced by the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete, from the investigation and preliminary investigation, it emerged that two citizens were jointly cultivating the plantation with the aim of obtaining an illegal financial benefit.

Searches followed at the homes of those arrested, where a shotgun, cartridges and mobile telephone devices were found and confiscated.

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Security Sub-Directorate of Chania, while those arrested with the case file filed against them will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Chania.