The problems they face continue the inhabitants of Magnesia, after the disaster that swept the area the previous week, the most important ones being the supply of clean drinking water, the cleaning of houses and roads from the tons of mud and the damaged road construction mainly in Pelion.

In the capital of Magnesia for the twelfth day there is no drinking water in homes and businesses and life is more difficult than the needs of everyday life for the needs of the approximately 200,000 people who live in the wider area of ​​Volos.

DEWA Meizonos Volos, in collaboration with EYDAP, are fighting a real battle to restore drinking water supply, but the almost complete destruction of the pumping and distribution system makes the situation extremely difficult and the mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos, announced yesterday in an interview that clean drinking water will run again in the taps after about 20 days.

At the same time, the cleaning of houses and businesses that were flooded in many districts of Volos continues and people are trying to put their lives in order after seeing their property destroyed.

Efforts are being made to clean the roads from the mud, dirt and garbage in Volos, but the lack of water makes it difficult for the crews of the Municipality of Volos.

At the same time, technical crews are cleaning the Krausidos stream after its bed rose over one meter, after the floods, due to the materials brought and the huge quantities of stone that it brought down from Pelion, and thus the images of the mountains of stone that accumulate for to move away from the riverbed, while two days ago there were small incidents between local residents and a crew that tried to cut and remove trees from the riverbed and which prevented the smooth flow of water resulting in overflow and flooding in many districts. The residents reacted to the cutting of the trees, despite the problems caused by them.

Schools of all levels in Magnesia and Thessaly in general will not operate even next week by decision of the Ministry of Education.

In South Pelion, in addition to the huge damage to the road construction and other critical infrastructures in the region, many villages and towns still do not have drinking water and the deputy mayor Dimitris Parrisiadis is fighting for the restoration of the water supply and the distribution of bottled water.

It was also requested from the Laskaridis Charitable Foundation that the famous vessel “Typhoon” that moves in the Aegean and collects waste in the sea be made available, to move to Pagasitikos and collect the thousands of tons of transportable materials that are on the surface of the closed bay and on the shores in order to return and Tourism at normal levels.

The anxiety about the water level of Lake Karlas continues and there are optimistic messages since the water level has stopped rising and threatening the villages and towns of Parakarlia.