Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the immediate establishment of a Water Management Organization in Thessaly, summarizing the measures that will be taken to deal with the devastating consequences of the bad weather Daniel but also to further protect the country against the climate crisis, in his speech at the Vellide conference center, in the context of the 87th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki.

He pledged that what we have lost as a state and citizens we will rebuild together, better and without the mistakes of the past, with European and national resources and that “we will do everything so that the unequal battle with the climate crisis is not a lost battle” pointing out in any case, how a dialogue on compulsory property insurance should be started immediately

Mr. Mitsotakis mentioned that in both Thessaly and Evros he heard the anger of the citizens and realized how difficult it is to explain to someone who lost his house that 8 billion tons of water fell.

“I saw both sides of our state again. The confusion of responsibilities and the frequent shifting of responsibilities. I saw coordination and heroism in the field that saved thousands of people”, he underlined and thanked all the officials of the state apparatus, those who fought in the mud and especially the volunteers.

“All these will never withdraw from their own mire. Our enemy was and is the mud of the flood,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, responding to those who, as he said, attacked the Armed Forces or expected hundreds of dead.

The prime minister referred to the financial assistance of the European Union. “Our first priority is to help the citizens in the flooded areas, to support businesses, farmers and breeders. The first payments started yesterday,” he continued.

Mr. Mitsotakis said that the reconstruction of the infrastructure is equally urgent, while he underlined that Thessaly carries on its backs many decades of pathologies in its water management.

“In recent years, the Region of Thessaly has made significant interventions. If they were done correctly, it will be seen in the report and in the investigation of justice”, he added.

“By my decision, the Water Management Organization of Thessaly is established under the ministries of Infrastructure and Environment”, he announced. The prime minister also said that something must change and will change in the conservation of the waters of Thessaly.

“The climate crisis is here and forces us to see everything differently. Those who insure their properties will have a 10% discount at ENFIA. Insurance for medium and large enterprises should be made compulsory. Time to start a public debate on the mandatory insurance of all homes and businesses. The state will once again stand by the side of the affected. I have already created a special reserve that will reach 600 million. The additional 300 million will come from the increase in the accommodation fee, especially in the very expensive hotels,” he added.

Regarding Civil Protection and the “Aegis” program, he said that he expects fast pace in its execution.

“The systematic cooperation of Civil Protection with the Armed Forces is a one-way street with specific protocols. In a country that spends 3% of its GDP on the Armed Forces, it must be able to use it when faced with natural disasters, and this will be done in the future”, he underlined.