THE Eva Kaili filed today at legal affairs committee of the European Parliamentfor case concerning possible fraud in relation to her parliamentary allowances and remuneration of assistants her.

Today’s hearing of Ms. Kaili in the legal affairs committee concerns the case initiated by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, last December, asking the European Parliament to lift her parliamentary immunity, for possible fraud against the EU budget in relation to parliamentary compensation and the remuneration of assistants.

As the procedure of the legal affairs committee of the European Parliament foresees, the hearing of Mrs. Kaili took place behind closed doors and lasted about half an hour.

At the next meeting of the legal affairs committee, around the end of October, a vote is expected to take place on the lifting, or not, of Eva Kaili’s immunity for this specific case. The final decision should be taken by a vote of the Plenary of the European Parliament.

It is recalled that this case has nothing to do with the Qatargate corruption scandal.

Ms. Kaili’s lawyer, who has undertaken her defense in this particular case, Mr. Spyros Pappas, was present at today’s hearing and made the following statement: “The request of the European General Prosecutor to lift the immunity of Ms. .Kailis, regarding the management of compensation for parliamentary assistants. This issue has nothing to do with Qatargate.” Mr. Pappas pointed out that the European Court of Justice has ruled that such issues concern administrative issues and not criminal law issues.