Almost a tragedy 10 minutes before midnight on Saturday (23/9/23) in the port of Rachos, with a 29-year-old disabled person falling into the sea in front of the eyes of his beloved and several other people who were nearby.

As recorded by LamiaReport, the young man was walking on the beach in his wheelchair with his wife, as they used to do several evenings, when at an unexpected time he found himself in the water.

Calling for help, he immediately fell into the sea and his wife, to help him, but she could not pull him and the cart to the surface and called for help.

A couple from Rachios who were fishing in the port and were nearby, immediately dived into the sea, also calling for help and finally with the participation of one more person, they pulled out of the sea first the girl and then the 29-year-old.

The young man, however, was unconscious and they immediately started trying to resuscitate him with CPR, an effort that was continued by the EKAV rescuers who were on the scene in about 5 minutes.

Accompanied by a patrol car of AT Stylidas, the ambulance arrived at the Health Center where resuscitation efforts continued by the medical and nursing staff. The 29-year-old, like the fighter of life that he is, showed that he can do it and was transported again by ambulance and escorted by a patrol car to the Lamia Hospital for mechanical support.

According to the report of LamiaReport, this is a very dear child who six years ago had a very serious accident with a motorcycle and fought for months to keep himself alive. Because of the serious injury, he was confined to a wheelchair. Now he will give a new battle in Intensive Care and we hope that he will come out victorious again as he is used to us.

It is recalled that at approximately the same spot, two and a half months ago, a 64-year-old woman and a 55-year-old man who tried to save her died.

The Stylida Port Authority is conducting a preliminary investigation into the incident.