Cretalive’s revelation about the mother with the two children who did not travel yesterday afternoon from the port of Piraeus has caused an uproar and sensation as the family status certificate held by the woman was not recognized as an official document by the port authority to identify her children.

As the husband of the woman who is in Germany, Marinos Batzalis, reveals today on cretalivethe adventure was incredible for his wife when she saw the ship leave and she also had no money in her pocket and with two small children crying she had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay as she had no acquaintance in Athens.

“It was a tragic situation, shocked by the adventure she was experiencing she was trying to find an edge with her two children with her who couldn’t believe they weren’t traveling. Luckily for her there was an acquaintance of hers on the boat who was also going to travel and he saw exactly what was happening to my wife and children and he was willing to miss the boat, stay with her, take her to a hotel and pay accommodation out of his own pocket, otherwise I don’t know how they would spend the evening’! No interest from either the company or the port police, he tells us and explains that if the port police decided that there really was an issue with the identification of the children, they should not let her go but take her to the detention center and there, after doing an identification check, see what will happen they do.

Anyway, the adventure for the Batzalis family is coming to an end after this morning she went to a KEP in Piraeus, got the necessary documents and tonight she gets on the liner and returns home.