He was released by a unanimous decision of the Investigator and the Prosecutor, the 30-year-old taxi driver who was arrested after complaint by a 19-year-old woman that at midnight on Sunday, September 17, he immobilized her and raped her. The accused was imposed the restrictive condition of appearing once a month at the Police Station of his residence. The accused apologized he denied the slightest thing happened between him and the complainant and provided detailed information about the routes and times of the night in question.

Statement of Sakis Kehagioglou, counsel for the accused:

“I consider the unanimous decision of Ms. Anakritria and Ms. Prosecutor to release my client – whom I defended together with my distinguished new colleague Marino Stavropoulos – to be fair and completely in line with the material of the case file. The consideration of the facts which the accused accurately and without any contradiction set out in his lengthy apology and the negative forensic report, I believe, were decisive in making this decision.
I will not get tired of repeating that when the Judicial Officers judge with sobriety and calmness without being influenced by publications, surrounding atmosphere and supposedly public feeling about justice and take their decisions based solely on their conscience and the material of the case file then in the end it is won the Justice.”