The two young Roma, aged 19 and 16, who attacked with “carates” and robbed a cancer-stricken gas station owner who has his business at the entrance of the city, were sentenced to pre-trial detention by the Lamia Criminal Council.

These are the two of the four perpetrators, who were arrested and referred to the main investigation, for which the Council decided, after the disagreement between the Prosecutor and the Investigator. Finally the Council of Misdemeanors of Lamia adopted the proposal of the Investigator and the two Roma will be taken to the Detention Center of the country until their trial.

According to the report, the two brothers, 16 and 17 years old, who are also involved in the robbery, are currently at large.

The chronicle of the wild robbery

The brutal robbery took place last Thursday afternoon (28/9/23) at a gas station located at the entrance of Lamia. The young Roma attacked the owner’s father when he refused to give them free fuelsince they kept doing it and never brought the promised money.

One of the Roma took the pump to put on by himself, and when the station man went to stop him, they all got down together and attacked him with incredible ferocity.

The camera did not record all the blows the unfortunate man received, but the attack was such that it had to be served in the hospital to be done to him stitches to the injuries he had on his face and head.