On Thursday, the 40-year-old policeman is to be pardonedwho is accused of extorting and extraditing a 34-year-old woman, after asking for and getting a deadline.

It is worth mentioning that the accused appeared before the investigator without legal representation.

At the same time, the police are investigating the complaint of a woman from Romania who is said to be the ex-partner of the policeman. As it became known the woman has reported to the authorities that he had similar abusive behavior towards her.

The new witness is expected to testify Thursday in Internal Affairs. It will depend on the content of what he says if there is a supplementary case file.

At the same time, a Sworn Administrative Examination is underway and the 40-year-old has already been suspended.

At the same time the police eis also investigating whether there are others involved in the case who would extradite the 34-year-old who allegedly attempted suicide.

On September 30, he came of his own accord foreign woman extradited to the above service who, in the presence of an expert – psychologist, complained that at least during the last two years, the police officer, using threats as well as psychological and physical violence, systematically raped her, while he extradited her for a fee, withholding money for himself How many.

In more detail, the police officer, taking advantage of his position, as well as the fact that he was performing duty in the same area where the complainant was active, initially approached her under the pretext of providing protection, while then, in the context of their cohabitation, he demanded and extracted part or its entire receipts.

To achieve his goal, he had promised to marry her in order to secure her permanent residence in Greece.

To put an end to his illegal activity, a police operation was organized, during which the police officer was arrested after he had previously received from the complainant the pre-marked sum of 500 euros.