At this time, the launch of the state-of-the-art frigate “Kimon”, the first Greek Belharra, is taking place in France, at the Naval facilities in Lorient. in the presence of the Minister of National Defence, Nikos Dendias, the French Minister of Defense Sebastien Lecornou, the Chief of General Staff Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN and a number of officials.

Nikos Dendias cut the ribbon and immediately afterwards toured the state-of-the-art vessel.

This is the first of the three FDI HN frigates, known as “Belharra”, of the Navy that will join the Greek fleet in the coming years.

The “Kimon” frigate has a displacement of 4,500 tons, a length of about 122 meters, a maximum speed of 27 knots, a crew of 120 people and incorporates advanced digital technologies.

These include, among others, the integrated sensor network PSIM (Panoramic Sensor Intelligence Module), where almost all of the warship’s sensor systems are gathered, the advanced CAPTAS-4 type sonar and the full digital Sea Fire radar.

Afterwards, Mr. Dendias will go to the Naval Group’s facilities in Lorient, where he will be welcomed by the head of the Naval Group Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN and will inspect the shipbuilding works of the “Newarchos” frigate.

Subsequently, at 16:00 local time, the Minister of National Defense, accompanied by his French counterpart and the head of the General Staff, will visit the “Kimon” frigate and attend its launching ceremony.