On Thursday, October 12, 2023, they took place new first aid payments to flood victims which took place at the beginning of September in various regions of the country and especially in Thessaly. In particular, 4,099,480.12 euros were credited to citizens’ bank accounts.

In particular, 2,476,984 euros were paid to 597 natural persons to deal with basic living needs and simple repair work and/or the replacement of household goods in areas affected by the September floods. These are payments that arose, mainly, through the cross-checks made by the officers of the General Secretariat for Natural Disaster Recovery and State Aid in the applications submitted to the first aid platform, arogi.gov.gr. At the same time, payments of 1,420,000 euros were made to 601 businesses and agricultural holdings as first aid against the subsidy of businesses and agricultural holdings affected by the floods, while payments of 202,496.12 euros were also made to 29 victims as first aid against housing assistance, through the applications submitted to the first aid platform, arogi.gov.gr. It is worth noting that today’s payment also includes the first aid to 392 farmers, who submitted their application at the beginning of the current week and within two days the payments began, with today’s total amounting to 784,000 euros.

So, in total, up to today, 53.2 million euros have been paid to 10,962 natural or legal persons, who have been affected by the unprecedented flood phenomenon that hit Thessaly, but also areas of Central Greece. At the same time, the process of cross-checking the data submitted through the first aid platform, arogi.gov.gr, continues, as well as the automated identification process, where available data emerges. Therefore, in the following days, payments will continue as normal and, in fact, tomorrow, Friday, the 8th payment will be made.

It is reminded that the flood victims in the said areas, whose details are not obtained through the automated identification process by the AADE, can submit an application at arogi.gov.gr, so that they too receive the compensation they are entitled to. Of course, the flood-affected citizens who are in the other, several, affected areas are also invited to submit an application, as has been done to a significant extent until today.

Finally, it is pointed out that according to the payment of the aid, checks and cross-checks of data are carried out, according to the autopsies of the services of the General Directorate for Rehabilitation of the Effects of Natural Disasters. Correspondingly, for the cases where the aid payment was made automatically, autopsies and data cross-checks will be carried out. In the event that it is established that the entitled amount of the aid is less than the amount received by the beneficiary or that the recipient of the aid is not a beneficiary, then the excess amount or the total amount, respectively, is returned to the Greek State as unduly paid. As it has been noted from the beginning and provided for in the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision, the intersections and controls also concern the villages that have joined the automatic procedure. In any case, therefore, those who are not entitled will not receive or, in the few cases that may arise, sums will be returned – after cross-checks and offsets – as unduly paid.

At the same time, by amending the relevant KYA in the first aid against a grant, together with livestock units and agricultural holdings have been included, i.e. those affected who have income from business activity that comes exclusively from agricultural activity and recorded losses to their fixed capital, equipment, and in other means and elements of production. It is also provided that for the granting of first aid against housing assistance, for real estate acquired or whose status changed after January 1, 2023, the statement of real estate data submitted by October 5, 2023 will be taken into account.

The deadline for submitting applications to arogi.gov.gr for the granting of aid to deal with basic living needs and simple repair work and/or the replacement of household goods for flood-affected citizens, for the granting of first aid against housing assistance from owners of affected buildings and first aid against a grant from affected businesses, expires on 31 October.