Most of us – and most of us – often train ourselves with our weight. We go on diets, we lose or we don’t lose, we gain it back, our clothes get tight, and damn it all over again. Is there a magic solution? What do all those who consistently maintain a normal weight know?

Weight Loss: The Simplest “Secret”

In fact, weight loss is based on math: if we consume more calories than we take in through diet, then we will lose weight. Simple? Not so, as evidenced by the battle many people have with their weight.

Why do starvation diets not work? I admit that I have been through this stage. I lived on cottage cheese, green salads and grilled chicken for many months, years maybe. Obviously I had lost some pounds that I wanted. Obviously it wasn’t a diet that could take me far, it couldn’t keep up with everyday life, with my social life, with my… cravings.

The body’s defense in exhausting diets

But what I had noticed during those years of great deprivation, was that when I “broke” the diet one day and ate a normal meal, the number on the scale changed. A mystery that was solved by talking to nutritionists about the needs of my work in the years that followed. My body was doing exactly what I describe above, it thought I wasn’t eating because I wanted to lose weight but because I was starving and it was trying to protect me.