Vila Gastronomica Mariana brings together 14 signature restaurants, serving Japanese, Italian food and desserts


Natalia Nora

Starting this Friday (27), Vila Mariana will gain 14 new culinary establishments concentrated in a single number on Avenida Domingos de Morais. Called Vila Gastronomica Mariana, the address brings together brands that serve everything from starters to desserts, including drinks and even artisanal olive oils.

Environment of Vila Gastronomic Mariana – Disclosure

Among the new developments, at least eight of them have their first physical address in São Paulo. This is because they only worked on demand, at events and fairs. It was in environments like this that Eduardo Massao Sudo had the idea of ​​opening Vila and met the people behind the brands that would come to integrate it.

The businessman also owns two of the brands present in Vila, The Poke Store, specializing in Japanese cuisine, and Mr. Garlic, which sells sandwiches made with garlic paste. Before the new venture, the owner lived for two decades in Japan, where he had five establishments that ranged from restaurants to izakayas — a type of pub.

In addition to the two establishments, the place has Kento Café, specializing in gourmet coffees, and the Soul Hops craft beer brand among the drinks. To eat, Cantina Santa Maria serves artisanal Italian pasta, Prima Pizza offers different flavors of pizza made with natural fermentation dough, Brooklyns produces artisanal burgers and A Casa do Churrasco serves meals with grills and skewers.

Among the sweets, Amollis is a brand of artisanal ice creams, Pudim Din prepares puddings of different flavors, Nella is a confectionery specialized in cookies, Balas da Kah sells seven flavors wrapped in caramel, and Bake Sale, which emerged as a confectionery specializing in macarons. Another brand found in the village is Ouro de Sant’Ana, which makes artisanal olive oils.

During the first two months after opening, the location’s opening hours will be from 11am to 11pm, Sunday to Sunday.

Mariana Gastronomic Village
Av. Domingos de Morais, 2036, Vila Mariana, @vilagastronomicamariana

Source: Folha

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