An autopsy in the Megalo Rema of Rafina was carried out this morning by the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, with specialist scientists and engineers of the ministry and accompanied by the general secretary of Civil Protection, Vassilis Papageorgiou.

“We are here in Eastern Attica as a continuation of the autopsies we have carried out regarding danger and flooding phenomena in places and areas that are obviously having problems” noted Mr. Kikilias and emphasized addressing the officials of the two levels of local government as well as any co-authorities department of the central administration that there is no justification for streams and beds to be abandoned.

“This is a mess over here,” he said and added: “Our purpose, our job and our obligation is to defend the citizens, the world, from any flood event.”

Mr. Kikilias underlined that we are living in a period of climate crisis without knowing when the next Janos will strike and pointed out: “So it is necessary for all of them to do their job. In other words, measures are required now, today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow “no oh brother no misunderstanding”.

In addition, he noted that this autopsy, like those that have preceded it, will be signed and sent to all the competent bodies in order to do the right thing.

“I have the demand that, just as they entered properly and cleaned and are cleaning Kifissos, the same should be done here in Eastern Attica. It is a matter of the heavy anti-flood works and how they have been scheduled to be done and when they have been scheduled to be done and it is another matter and much more immediate to get over here and clean the stream beds”, concluded Mr. Kikilias.