Sheep pox was spotted yesterday Tuesday in a farm in Sigri in the west Lesvos during checks carried out after being informed about outbreaks of the disease in the areas of Smyrna and Canakale opposite the island.

In a press conference held early this afternoon, the competent deputy governor of the Agricultural Economy, Panagos Koufelos, and the Director of the Veterinary Service, Stratis Tsombanellis, confirmed the fact of the outbreak of the disease and noted that the situation is now much better compared to the appearance of the disease in herds of Lesvos in 2017. “Then, said Mr. Koufelos, the phenomenon was observed that our breeders did not declare the sick animals, so the disease spread and we had many cases. As far as we are concerned, I want to assure the world that every possible effort will be made to compensate all those affected to the last euro.”

It should be noted that, as already announced, the necessary measures are being taken at the entry gates of the island, where we have tourists from Turkey, with a special disinfection process to prevent the disease from being transferred from Turkey to Lesbos.

The director of the Veterinary Service, Stratis Tsombanellis, noted that the service carries out increased checks on the herds as well as informing all the agencies involved. Additional measures were also taken in the area where the sick animal was found, in all the farms there within a radius of three kilometers. So far no other animals with symptoms have been found. Finally, the area where the case was detected was placed under surveillance with a ban on the movement of animals for a month and a half.