The Kifissia Security Department has investigated a case of robbery and causing bodily harm to two minors that took place at noon on 2-10-2023 in the surrounding area of ​​the ISAP “Kifisia” station.

An 18-year-old citizen was found and arrested by police officers of the above service, at noon yesterday (26-10-2023) in Kifissia, accused of bodily harm and robbery with complicity, acceptance and disposal of proceeds of crime, violation of the legislation on weapons and on addictive substances.

Regarding the timeline of the case, the 17-year-old citizen had put a mobile phone up for sale on a social networking platform and after a person showed interest in buying it, a meeting was scheduled for the transaction.

The 17-year-old owner of the mobile went with his peer to the place they had set, where the 18-year-old was waiting, who initially pretended to buy it and then led them with pretexts to an adjacent street, where two more people appeared.

The perpetrators, in order to remove and keep the device in their possession, sprayed the victims with spray and attacked using physical violence and an iron crowbar.

As part of a search on open internet sources, the 18-year-old was identified, who had posted an ad on the same social media for the sale of the mobile phone, which he had taken in the context of the aforementioned robbery.

Subsequently, he was caught trying to resell the removed mobile phone, while during a physical search, he was found to be in possession of a quantity of cannabis.

The confiscated mobile phone was assigned to the 17-year-old victim of the said robbery.

The accused, with the case filed against them, was taken to the competent Prosecutor, while his accomplices are being sought.