Letter for staffing of the Rethymnon Hospital sent today jointly to the Minister of Health by the Deputy Governor of Rethymno Maria Lioni and the Mayor of the Municipality of Rethymno George Marinakis.

As they say, “The Nursing Institution of our Prefecture, which is forced to operate in truly unprecedented conditions of understaffing, medical staff – you have already been informed about the need to strengthen it with specialties, such as pathologists, pulmonologists, anesthesiologists, ICU doctors, etc. – daily conducts a titanic struggle to meet the admittedly difficult task”.

Mrs. Lioni and Mr. Marinakis through their letter in which inform about the heap of problems, which threaten the viability of the Rethymno Hospital, the only hospital institution of the Rethymno Regional Unit, they speak of a “ground zero” that is the operation of the Rethymno Hospital given the conditions. They also notify that qualified doctors who have experience have resigned, several and many years, from their work at the Hospital, due to over-vigilance, exhaustion and their coercion to participate in transfers of intubated patients regardless of specialty. “It is also worth noting that there are no interns left in the Pathology Clinic, while there were 10 two years ago, and rural doctors are constantly resigning who, while their position is in the Health Centers, are forced to be on duty at the TEP and even without a TEP supervisor”.

The Deputy Governor and the Mayor ask the Minister of Health to take seriously the fact that: “The safe and quality operation of the only nursing institution of the Rethymno Regional Unit is now seriously questioned, which has a negative impact on the lives of the approximately 85,000 residents of the Rethymno Regional Unit, the thousands of members of the student community and visitors – tourists.” At the same time, they announce that the Hospital needs immediate staffing, specifically with doctors and nurses, whose immediate recruitment at the pan-Hellenic level had been announced by the Government. At the same time, however, they stress that it is necessary to give: “…strong incentives, financially and not only, to medical staff to join the dynamic potential of the Rethymnon Hospital and to respond positively to the Ministry’s occasional announcements for its staffing”.

Finally, they recall the proposal of the University of Crete for the utilization of an area of ​​60 acres in order to build a new modern Hospital, which will be interconnected with the University General Hospital of Heraklion, which will serve the increased needs of Rethymnon and at the same time will be a pole of attraction for the medical staff .