Today, the news of the death of the actor Alexandros Koboyorgas, at the age of only 48, spread sadness in the artistic world.

The unpleasant news was announced by the actress Kalliopi Evaggelidou, with an emotional post on her personal Facebook account.

According to a post made on his personal Facebook account, the funeral of Alexandros Koboyorgas will be civil and will take place on Friday, November 3 at the Nea Smyrni Cemetery.

Cremation will follow in Ritsona.

“On Friday, November 3 at 11 a.m. we say goodbye to our beloved Alexander with a civil funeral at the Nea Smyrni cemetery.

Coffee will be offered in the cemetery cafe.

Who was Alexandros Koboyorgas?

Alexandros Koboyorgas graduated from the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory in 1998 and became widely known for his participation in the series “Lover of Western Suburbs”.

Alexis Georgoulis, protagonist of the series “Lover of Western Suburbs” said goodbye to his colleague with a message on his personal account on Instagram.

“Good day dear Alexander” wrote Alexis Georgoulis.

He collaborated as an actor with directors such as M. Volanakis, K. Rouggeri, S. Livathinos, L. Rickakis, K. Paschalis, G. Iordanidis, T. Lykouresis, G. Kakleas, G. Nanouris.

At the same time, he had collaborated as a set designer-costume designer.