The Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports published a special notice to cover operational gaps in parallel support to primary schools for the 2023/2024 school year.

The applications are submitted according to the announcement from Friday 03.11. until Tuesday 07.11.2023.

The Ministry’s announcement in detail:

“The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs announces that in application of the provisions of Article 86 of Law 4547/2018 (A’ 102), as applicable, and based on No. 104627/GD5/7-8-2020 (B’ 3344) of Ministerial Decision, with No. 126811/E1/03-11-2023 (AD: RYYS46NKPD-ΛξΓ) Special Announcement, the registered are invited:

(a) temporary evaluation tables of ranking A’ of primary general education teacher candidates of the PE70 branch of the A.S.E.P. Proclamation. 1GE/2023 (which were posted on the official website of the Independent Authority of A.S.E.P.), and

(b) final evaluation tables of ranking B’ and final auxiliary evaluation tables of paragraph 4 of article 58 of Law 4589/2019 of candidate primary education teachers in the E.A.E. sector. PE71 and PE70 branch with specialization in E.A.E. of the Announcement of the A.S.E.P. 3EA/2022 (which were published in Official Gazette Γ΄ 1618/2023),

if they wish, to submit an application, based on the functional gaps available to be covered, as stated in the appendix hereto, through the online portal of the Integrated Information System for the Management of First-time and Second-time Personnel (O.P .SY.D.) of Y.PAI.TH.A. (website:, to recruit them as full-time substitutes for the provision of specialized educational support (parallel support) in specific primary schools and/or groups of primary schools, for the school year 2023-2024 , from Friday 03 to Tuesday 07 November 2023.