A serious incident occurred this morning at the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital in Thessaloniki when part of the ceiling in the vestibule of the doctors’ dormitories collapsed, injuring a doctor.

According to information, the doctor suffered a minor leg injury and was immediately examined by the attending physicians, who determined that there was no cause for concern. In fact, in order to be examined by orthopedic doctors, the injured man was transferred to the “Papageorgiou” hospital, as the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital does not have an orthopedic clinic.

The attending physicians of the “Papageorgiou” hospital, after examining their colleague, found that it is not a serious injury. The injured doctor then returned home.

As for the part of the roof that fell, according to what the deputy director of the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital, Vasiliki Traouda, told thestival.gr, a few days ago, work had been completed in the specific section and the incident may have been due to poor workmanship by the company that undertook it.

Already in the morning, the representatives of the company that undertook the project after a tender were called to the hospital, who proceeded to repair the damages caused. “Every legal action against the company will be followed”, Ms. Traouda explained to thestival.gr.

In fact, by order of the administrator of the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital, Nikitas Papadopoulos, a further check will be carried out at all the points where repair work has been done recently, so as to avoid similar incidents.

Source: Thestival.gr