In the Neonatal Unit of the General Hospital of Chania, a baby who was born in the previous days to a surrogate mother, of Georgian origin, who was involved in the baby trafficking ring that broke out last August in Chania, is receiving the required medical care.

According to the information of, this is a “difficult” legal case, since the baby, who is otherwise perfectly healthy, will suffer on a legal level (as far as this can be expressed for a baby of a few days old) after the verification of the biological of parents is an intractable puzzle.

This is because the baby resulted from the fertilization of an egg (probably from an egg donation) and sperm from a sperm bank and was then conceived by the surrogate mother who cooperated, or cooperated only for this particular case, with the baby trafficking ring in Chania.

In fact, the information of states that for the baby who was born in Chania and is in the Neonatal Unit of the Chania hospital, there has been a sponsor from Australia, who has even paid the representatives of the circuit a not inconsiderable amount. In fact, she has in her possession all the required notarial documents that entitle her to take the baby to her country after the birth and raise it (which also legally needs clarification), without even knowing if there is a father.

As can be seen, the specific case is known to the public prosecutor, as are other cases related to the baby trafficking ring.

What is also evident is that the cases that become known have different parameters, different versions and different ways of management, depending of course on the occasion and the customer relationship of the circuit with the prospective parents.

In any case, on November 23, the single-member Court of First Instance of Chania will decide the custody of two twin babies who, last August, were taken by their Italian parents from the Chania hospital, following a prosecutor’s order.

However, there are many cases and they will be decided in the courtrooms, just as what will happen next with the temporarily detained leaders of the ring will also be decided, with the trial, however, expected within the new year.