The compensations of the insurance companies for the “Daniel” bad weather exceed 372 million euros and as the Association of Insurance Companies of Greece underlines in its announcement, based on the first assessment of the compensations, it is confirmed that this is the largest amount of compensation in a catastrophic event since in 1993 that data are gathered from the EAEE until today.

According to the statements of the insurance companies participating in the relevant EAEE investigation, a total of 7,426 damages were reported, with the amount of compensation for them being estimated at a total of 372.05 million euros. Of these, 5,138 losses concern property insurance with an estimated compensation of 364.20 million euros), 2,278 losses car insurances, with an estimate of 7.74 million euros, 6 boat insurances with an estimate of 42.8 thousand euros and 4 losses insurances transport with an estimate of 61.5 thousand euros.

The full text of the survey will be published in the coming days.


The president of EAEE, Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou, said in this regard: “Insurance companies responded immediately to the major disasters caused by the bad weather “Daniel”, responsibly fulfilling their mission. The procedures for the valuation of the damages have already been completed and compensations have been paid for a significant part of the damages suffered by our insured, while at the same time the payments for the remaining cases are proceeding.

In 2023, that is, in just one year, the insurance market compensation estimate for forest fires and extreme weather events exceeds 420 million euros. The data we collect clearly shows the increase in the frequency and severity of catastrophic incidents in recent years: from 2017 to today, 70% of the total compensations of the Greek insurance market have been recorded since 1993 when we collect data (665 million euros from the 951 million euros)”.