In an unprecedented historical thriller for Evia, the finding of skeletons during infrastructure improvement projects, specifically the installation of municipal sewage networks in Istiaia, is developing.

It is recalled that during their work they found human skeletons digging the ground.

As the machine operators were digging next to the Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos Istiaia, they found an entire intact skeleton buried at the site.

Another human skeleton was later found in the same place.

It is not yet clear who the skeletons belong to or whether they are an archaeological find or the remains of those who died in a late historical period. eg from the time of the Second World War or in an even later time.

The most likely scenario it is also the basis of the depth at which they were found is that they are related to the Ottoman Period and possibly people who died before the revolution of 1821.

At the same time, at least so far, it does not appear that they are related to any burial, despite the fact that, based on historical data, there was an Ottoman cemetery in the area.

In any case, the road on which the works are carried out is at least 200 years old.