“Lobster” will remind the center of Athens today Friday, where the events in view of the 50th anniversary of the uprising of Polytechnic.

According to police sources, its planning THE GREEK POLICE foresees an increased police operation throughout the center of the capital while approximately 5000 police officers of all services will be on foot.

DIAS and Action teams will carry out continuous patrols around the university institution while MAT and OPKE they will help during the marches.

The measures will be assisted from the air by the police helicopter that will provide a live image to the ELAS operations center as well as drones.

Police sources, as they typically tell skai.gr, this year will be given more weight than other years due to the war in Middle East but also because of the death of the 17-year-old Roma in Viotia by a policeman’s gun. In fact, it is possible that the long march will not end up at the American embassy but will continue to the Israeli Embassy where it will be guarded by strong police forces.

Today the gates of the institution are expected to be closed at 1:00 p.m., while at 2:00 p.m. the first gatherings in Claithmonos and Polytechnio by student associations are planned.

The general call is scheduled for 14:00 in Klathmonos where they will participate GSEE ADEDY collectives, labor unions, left-wing organizations and anarchists.

PAME has pre-announced a gathering in the Propylaea at 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM.

Effective from early morning there will be traffic measures to facilitate traffic in the wider area of ​​the center of Athens, while modifications will also be made to MMM routes. Specifically today, the Monastiraki, Concert Hall, Syntagma and University Metro stations will close at 14:00 and the trains will pass through these stations without making a stop, while there will also be changes to the bus routes in the center of Athens and mainly around the perimeter of the Polytechnic.