Yesterday afternoon, in an area of ​​Western Achaia, three local men were arrested by police officers of the Western Achaia Security Department, against whom a case was filed for theft by complicity.

In particular, the three defendants from 11/15/2023 to 11/16/2023, together with five more unknown accomplices, collected 10.5 tons of olive trees, from plots of land owned by two citizens, in the area of ​​Western Achaia.

They then transported the collected olive fruit in a car owned by one of the defendants, in two olive mills, where they exported and sold to the owners of the olive mills, 1,355 liters of olive oil, with a total value of 10,840 euros, which they obtained as an illegal property benefit.

In investigations carried out by the police officers of the Western Achaia Security Department at the olive mills, they found and seized a total of 652 liters of olive oil and 800 kg of olive fruitwhich were returned to their rightful owners, while the vehicle of one of the defendants was confiscated as a means of committing a criminal act.

The arrested persons were taken to the Prosecutor of First Instance of Patras, while investigations continue to establish any possible involvement in other criminal acts.