After their apologies, the 17 defendants accused of involvement in fraud against the Greek State through the process of refunding the Special Fuel Consumption Tax were released with restrictive conditions, a case revealed by the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces of Northern Greece.

Among those who were arrested, and who crossed the threshold of the office of the 1st special investigator of Thessaloniki today to excuse them, they are a customs officer and a porter, as well as coastal fishing vessel owners, petrol station owners and fishermen.

They were prosecuted for the crime of bribery – bribery employee (and complicity in this act), which they denied in the apologies.

Prosecutor and investigator unanimously decided to release everyone, as the case may be, under the conditions of a ban on leaving the country and appearing at a police station. An additional monetary guarantee was imposed on the customs and port officer- to the first 10,000 and to the second 3,000 euros.

According to the case file, in which including 57 other people, the damage caused to the State is estimated to exceed 175.00 euros.

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