It caused the mobilization of the Coast Guard at noon on Sunday a 23-year-old surfer, who was swept away by the strong wind and waves in the sea area of ​​Epanomi.

Coast Guard men located the man and brought him safely to shore. He was examined as a precaution by an EKAV ambulance doctor and left by private means to his home.

According to the announcement of the port authority, at noon yesterday, the Port Authorities of Thessaloniki and Nea Michaniona were informed that a 23-year-old kiteboard operator was in a difficult position, in the sea area of ​​Potamos Epanomi, near a shipwreck, approximately 300 meters from the coast.

An LS-EL.AKT patrol vehicle went to the scene. from land, while the OP/KO-A/K “STELLA” S.TH also sailed to provide assistance. 736 A’, the OP/KO-A/K “KONSTANTINOS” S.TH. 868 B’, the OP/KO-A/K “PSARROS” N.M. 27, the EP/KO-A/K “AGIOS ANDREAS” N.Th.957, as well as the EP/KO-A/P “MICHALIS” S.K. 835, with an officer of the Port Authority of Nea Michaniona on board, who located and rounded up the 23-year-old operator, and then transported him to the coastal area of ​​Potamos Epanomi.

The operator stated that he was in good health and after being examined as a precaution by an EKAB ambulance doctor who was at the scene, he stated that he did not wish to be transported to a hospital.