With the conviction of a 51-year-old citizen of Albania, the curtain fell on the case of seduction against a minor girl in 2009 in a village in western Thessaly, with 37 more accused, the majority of whom have been convicted.

The case took place in 2009 in the village of Karditsa and the 38 were accused of molesting a girl, who was then 10 years old with limited cognitive ability.

According to the indictment, the little girl was forced to be extradited to neighboring villages of her home area, for a fee, held by some of the defendants, who promoted her, threatening her that her father would find out and upload photos and videos to the internet. , so the girl succumbed.

In a court held in Larissa in 2012, 23 people were sentenced (for seduction, indecency, sex trafficking and drug use as the case may be) to prison terms ranging from 38 years for the oldest to 37 months for the youngest, while the girl, who is now 28 years old , married and a mother of children, appeared in a trial at the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Larissa in 2018 and testified that she is trying to forget the nightmare she lived through.

The MOD of Volos yesterday sentenced an Albanian national, 37 years old at the time, who was in his country, had escaped arrest to be tried with the other 37 defendants involved in the case. When he returned to Greece, he was arrested and tried yesterday for the much-lauded case.

The defendant denied involvement in the case, but failed to convince judges and juries, was found guilty, sentenced to 8 years in prison by a unanimous verdict, and will be sent to prison.