Conducting a preliminary examination to search for any criminal responsibilities regarding the damages suffered by the history destroyer “Arrow” during the recent bad weather that hit Thessaloniki, with the main characteristic being the stormy winds, asked the head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office Dimitris Smyrnis.

In this context, he ordered an investigation by the criminal prosecution prosecutor in order to establish whether the following offenses are established:negligent maintenance of a monument, deterioration of a monument, deterioration of a thing of historical importance, distinguished case of deterioration (the first two fall under the Antiquities Protection Law and Cultural Heritage in general).

According to the prosecutor’s order, the prosecutor requests the production of all documents related to the maintenance and docking of the historic ship, as well as the expert report on the damage it suffered. The maintenance and docking documents are expected to be “key” in the investigation of any criminal charges, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office say.

The Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, had previously instructed the leadership of the Navy to investigate the issue of the mooring location of the destroyer “Arrow”.

In the meantime, the historic ship, which functions as a floating museum, was moved in the previous 24 hours to a safe place at pier 2 of the port of Thessaloniki.