Reporting by Makis Synodinos

A 55-year-old Pakistani citizen was handcuffed by Peania security men.

According to ELAS, on Monday morning the accused approached a 15-year-old girl who was waiting at a bus stop and made gestures of a genital nature.

After he insisted on showing her inappropriate content on his cellphone, he offered to perform lewd acts on her for a fee.

The underage girl, scared, managed to get away from the scene and board the bus, calling the Immediate Action Center.

After investigations by the police, the 55-year-old was located and identified as the perpetrator.

In the file filed, he is accused of sexual indecency, attempted indecency with a minor for pay, violation of the legislation on addictive substances and infidelity.

After a search of his possession, 0.93 grams were found and confiscated. cannabis, the sum of 650 euros and a mobile phone.

The arrested person was taken to the Prosecutor