A student with autism from a school in Heraklion was severely beaten during an educational trip by a high school student.

According to cretalive there was a verbal misunderstanding between an autistic student from a school and his beating followed from the student of the other school.

Fortunately, the teachers’ intervention was immediate and the students were separated.

The director of secondary education in Heraklion, Mr. Antonis Foundoulakis, reports to Cretalive that all the pedagogical measures foreseen in these cases are being taken.

Already, the school has expelled the student, while a pedagogical responsibility consultant was found at the high school yesterday to talk to teachers and students.
The goal is for the schools to return to normal operation.

It is noted that in these cases two solutions are usually foreseen, either the student voluntarily leaves the school or a change of school environment is imposed. For the second, however, there is a procedure that must be followed.