The first Christmas trees from Taxiarchis of Halkidiki are available for sale in Thessaloniki. At the junction of Angelaki and Egnatia streets, opposite the main gate of TIF, dozens of Christmas trees attract the eyes of passers-by.

These are fir trees cultivated by merchants from Taxiarchis of Halkidiki, with prices for all the trees and for every occasion: whether you want a small tree for the home, a bigger one for the yard, one for the business area, etc.

Where do fir prices fluctuate?

Prices for Christmas trees are starting from 30 euros and in special cases, such as some very tall trees, which exceed three meters, they can reach 150 euros. As fir traders from Taxiarchis of Halkidiki explain to, the prices of firs remain stable, compared to previous years.

Citizens’ interest in firs has been “hot” since the first hours they were set up on Angelaki Street, as the purchases have started at a relatively good pace. Traders are cautiously optimistic about sales, as it is too early to draw a conclusion on the direction of markets.