With a solemn – multi-priestly vespers in the new church of Agios Andreas, in which the Metropolitan of Chalkidos-Istiaias-B presided and delivered a sermon. Chrysostomos of Sporades, started yesterday Wednesday 29/11 in the afternoon and culminates today, the celebration of the Patron Saint of Patras, in the presence of hundreds of believers and thousands of supporters, from all over Greece.

This morning, at the solemn Divine Liturgy, the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos-Agios Vlasios Ierotheos -among the High Priests- will speak, while at 11am the Doxology will be sung, to be followed by the Litany of the Holy Cara and the icon of the Saint.

This year, the route will have a small modification, since the procession, reaching the height of the Three Admirals, due to the works of the Municipality of Patreon, will not turn there, but will continue along Maizonos Street to Korai to exit at Agios Andreou and return to the temple.

The Metropolitan of Patras Chrysostomos has addressed a call to all the faithful to “attend” the celebration, making sure to brighten the celebration with the presence of 12 Metropolitans, from the Ecumenical Patriarchate and all of Greece.

Thus, today they have been called to be “present”: the Metropolitan Ieronymos of Kalavryton & Aegialia, the former Elder Ambrosios, the Metropolitan Athanasios of Ilias & Olenis, the hierarch of Nafpaktos & Agios Vlasios Ierotheos, the Damascene of Aetolia and Acarnania, Corinth-Sikyon-Zemenou -Tarsou- Dionysios of Polyphegous, Alexander of Mantineia & Kynouria, Chrysostomos of Messinia, Theologos of Serron & Nigrite, Nikodimos of Ierissou-Agiou Oros- Ardameriou and Chrysostomos of Manis.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople will be represented by the Metropolitan of Melito Philadelphia.

The government of the country will be represented by the Achaean Deputy Minister of Transport Christina Alexopoulou.

Also, the president of “Niki” Dimitris Natsios will attend and PASOK will be represented by his father’s head of Foreign Affairs, Dimitris Manzos.

The municipal authority of Patras, led by the mayor, Kostas Peletidis, participates in all religious events.