A 9-year-old student from Nea Manolada has been living away from his school for 20 days, as the taxi that picks him up every day cannot approach the rural road in the “Arvaniteika” settlement that leads to his home, due to damage that has been created in a part of the road from a previous project.

According to the research of eff. Patris, who was found on the spot at the scene yesterday, the rural road, which leads to the child’s house as well as to adjacent crops and fields, is impassable as a result of which the car of the professional motorist who has to pick up the 9-year-old student every day, does not pass through the huge puddles and the muds that have been created with the problem becoming more intense, especially on rainy days.

As he mentioned in the ep. Patris, the child’s family, about twenty days ago, a project was carried out for the underground passage of an irrigation pipeline by a private person at the site, which resulted in the road being damaged and with the completion of this project not being properly restored. This has created problems for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as the puddles and mud that appeared especially after the rains cause problems for anyone trying to cross the road.

The fact that the student has been absent for the last month from his school activities, confirms in the ep. Patris and the Principal of Nea Manolada Primary School, Odysseas Alexopoulos, who sought the reasons why the 9-year-old is unable to go to school. On the other hand, the problem has already become known both to the municipality of Andravidas – Kyllini and to the GOEB, which owns the rural road, on which a private individual proceeded with work on the undergrounding of an irrigation pipeline.

However, as he pointed out in his answer, when asked about the issue by the president of the GOEB Pinios – Alfei, Takis Paraskevopoulos, the road in question has been inspected twice by employees of the Organization, but without proving an accessibility problem for any vehicle that wants to pass through it. In fact, yesterday a team of the GOEB carried out an on-site autopsy, the report of which states that the road is accessible for vehicles.

Mr. Paraskevopoulos, on the other hand, assured that for his part the GOEB of Piniou – Alfeiou will get in touch with the private person who did the project a few days ago so that the necessary actions can be taken to resolve the issue for the improvement of rural road and in order for the student to normally go to his school unit.

What the family of 9-year-old Angelos Arvanitakis is asking is for the rural road to be returned to its former state, where the road was “paved and gravelled” so that it does not create problems for both passenger cars and pedestrians who may to want to pass the point. It is worth noting that the accessibility problems have even reached the local police station.