Dead bears were spotted today on the Ioannina-Kozani national road, at the 106th kilometer between Konitsa Beach and Kastoria’s Eptachori.

In fact, one can be distinguished among the killed animals little Bear.

Bears, according to confirmed information, they have gunshot wounds.

The unfortunate animals were spotted by Mr. Kostas Papadimitriou who comes from Konitsa Beach and was traveling to Eptachori in Kastoria.

The Police were immediately informed and have started an investigation into the incident, while a team from the Forest Service is expected to arrive at the spot where the dead wild animals were found.

Epiruspost contacted the President of the Plagia Community Yiannis Papadimitriou who was aware of the incident after being informed by the Police Department.

“This is a heinous act that we all condemn,” he said. He noted that the wildlife population has increased greatly in recent years, which requires everyone’s attention.

But mainly it requires organized action in times when finding food is difficult for either bears or wolves. This should be seen by both the Forestry Departments and the ecological organizations active in the specific field.

“We live in villages and are familiar with the presence of wild animals. We respect them and everyone should. Such events are sad and condemnable” noted Mr. Papadimitriou.